White-Striped Century Plant

White-Striped Century Plant

White-Striped Century Plant Agave americana var. medio-picta 'Alba'


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Data sheet

  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Sun Exposure - Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)
  • Water Needs - Low
  • Bloom Season - Infrequent
  • Mature Height - 4-5'
  • Mature Width - 5-6'

More info

Agave americana variety medio-picta 'Alba' makes a bold architectural statement in the landscape.  The general shape and form resembles the Agave americana in most every way, however it may not get quite as large.  This Agave will max out around 5 feet tall by 6 feet wide.  It will also get 'pups' around the base as it matures.  After about 8 to 10 years, it will produce a large towering flower spike, and then the parent plant begins to die.  Harvest the pups for replanting.  The White-Striped Agave is great for use on hillsides where there is ample room to spread as Agaves love to do.  Provide very infrequent watering, including during Summer.  Make sure to keep it far enough away from walkways where people may get poked!  It contains a mild toxin which causes irritation on the skin and is fairly painful.  Deer and drought tolerant and can adapt to coastal conditions.  Suitable for Xeriscaping.  Hardy to about 20 deg. F. 

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