Paddle Plant

Paddle Plant

Paddle Plant Kalanchoe luciae


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Data sheet

  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Sun Exposure - Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)
  • Water Needs - Low/Moderate
  • Bloom Season - Summer
  • Mature Height - 1-2'
  • Mature Width - 1-2'

More info

This plant has a fantastic array of colors  in it's foliage ranging from lime green to yellow to orange, to blood red.  It's drought and seacost tolerant, and is easy to grow.  This plant has been called by many common names; Paddle Plant, Flapjacks, Red Pancakes, and other terms of endearment.  The genus name, Kalanchoe luciae, has also had some confusion and has been sold as Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.  But either way, it's quite an impressive little succulent! 

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