Where does Budget Plants deliver?

We deliver to the following counties in CA: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, and San Diego County. Upon checking out, the delivery rates will automatically be calculated based on your location.

How long does it take for the plants to be delivered?

Once the payment is accepted and order is confirmed, we will contact you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) to arrange a delivery date/time. We will provide a specific date with a 4 hour window of time. Once the delivery window is confirmed, it will typically only take 2-4 working days for the delivery to take place by our trucking teams. Wow, it’s that fast! For order/delivery questions, please call (888) 372-6220 or email us at info@budgetplants.com.

Do I have to place my order online?

Your final order must be placed through the website, HOWEVER if you need assistance or have any questions regarding our products, our sales team can guide you through making your selections. The checkout process is easy and secure! Call (888) 372-6220 for any questions about our products.

Do I have to set up an account to place an order?

Not at all! You may complete the checkout process as a ‘guest’. However, signing up for an account allows you to have access to special discounts and liquidation items. And it’s free to sign up!

Does Budget Plants have a growing ground to browse the plants?

We have several growing grounds that are available by appointment to customers who have purchased 36” box items or larger that wish to ‘tag’ the plant before it arrives. ‘Tag’ options are not available for smaller specimens. To make an appointment, please call (888) 372-6220 or email us at info@budgetplants.com.

I cannot login to my account. How can I retrieve my account info?

Click here for assistance in retrieving account login.

Can I receive a trade discount?

A licensed contractor or licensed landscape architect may receive discounted items upon confirmation of current and active license. Inquire within.

Do I have to use the on-line payment methods or can I do COD?

COD (Cash On Delivery) is not accepted. Our loss prevention policies allow orders to be shipped ONLY after the customer has paid for the materials in full. However, a bank/official check may be accepted instead of an on-line payment. Once the check has cleared, the materials will be shipped. This transaction will have to be made over the phone with our sales team.

Can I pick-up instead of having the plants delivered?

In most cases, there are no services for local pick-up. We keep our delivery fees as low as possible for the convenience of the customer. Please call (888) 372-6220 for order inquiries, or email us at info@budgetplants.com. Delivery fees are calculated in the checkout process.

What if a plant arrives that I feel is not healthy or does not look up to standards?

We take many steps to ensure you are receiving top quality plants. However, sometimes a plant ‘falls through the cracks’.

If a plant arrives in an unhealthy or damaged condition, our Send It Back policy makes it easy to get a no-hassle refund.

Here’s the more detailed version: Our return policy is dependent on two factors: (1) If the customer is on-site to inspect the plants upon delivery, or (2) if the customer is not on-site to accept the delivery.

If the customer is on-site to accept the order:

If you feel the plant has arrived in an unacceptable condition, simply do not accept the plant upon delivery and make sure the plant goes back with the driver and a refund will be given for that plant(s). If there are other plants on the order that are accepted, the refund for delivery fees will not be given. If all the plants on the order arrive in an unacceptable condition, however, a full refund, including the delivery fee will be given.

If the customer is NOT on-site to accept the order:

Budget Plants will still deliver to your site or home without anyone present to accept the order. However, you waive the right to inspect the plants prior to drop-off. This means that if there happens to be any items you are unhappy with, you would be unable to send it directly back with the driver of the delivery truck, and therefore would not be able to receive a refund at that time. If you wish to return any item, you may do so, but must pay a separate delivery fee.

In brief, it is usually the preference of the customer to be there when the plants arrive to inspect the items, but if it’s not possible, we can still do the delivery.

For questions about our policy, please call (888) 372-6220 or email us at info@budgetplants.com.

Where will the delivery person place my order once it is at my location?

If you want a specific location (within our acceptable parameters), we will place the plants in this area. You may specify where you wish the plants to go, such as, “in the driveway”, or “curb-side” upon check-out. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for any city permits for drop locations of plant material that may infringe on city right-of-ways.

Restrictions on deliveries:

Delivery persons are not authorized to deliver plants more than 10 (ten) feet from the delivery truck nor travel up any stairs, embankments, steep areas, or around unsafe conditions. Our delivery persons reserve the right NOT to carry/deliver plants to any location in which they feel they may be harmed/injured. Many of our vehicles are 40’ stake-bed trucks. Please let us know if there will be tight corners or limited access. If the delivery person is unable to reach a safe location to make the drop, he will pass on making the delivery. Delivery fees are non-refundable in this situation.

What happens if Budget Plants does not have the plant I ordered in stock?

Sometime our stock can become quickly depleted over a period of a day or so, thus not allowing enough time for us to provide an update on our cataloged items. If you order an item that is not available, you will be notified within 24 hours. Then it’s your choice! You can hold the order until the items become available, accept the rest of the order without the unavailable items, or get a full refund.

Is there any warrantee on the plants?

Budget Plants warrants only that the plants will arrive in a healthy, up-to-landscape standard condition. If a plant does not meet your expectations, simply do not accept the plant as per our Send It Back policy. Please make sure the plant stays on the delivery truck and goes back with the driver. Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Does Budget Plantsoffer any type of planting services?

If you are looking for someone to plant your new plants, we will be happy to point you to one of our affiliates in your area. Please call (888) 372-6220 or email us at info@budgetplants.com for more info.

I want to advertise my business on BudgetPlants.com. How do I do this?

Advertisers are handled personally on an individual basis. Please call (888) 372-6220 or email us at info@budgetplants.com.