Do I have to place my order online?

All orders must be placed through the website, however, our knowledgeable staff can answer questions regarding the ordering process and our plants. Simply call 877-372-6220 or email info@budgetplants.com for expert advice! We're here to help!

I cannot sign in to my account. How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password here: Reset password

If you need additional help, please call 877-372-6220 or email info@budgetplants.com for assistance.

Where does Budget Plants deliver?

We deliver to the following counties in California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, and San Diego County. Check our Delivery Rates!

Occasionally we ship outside our standard delivery zones and can provide a custom quote. Please contact us for more info.

How long does it take for the plants to be delivered?

Once the order has been placed, we will contact you via email to set up a delivery time and date that will work for you. Most orders ship within 3-4 days after placing the order.

Does Budget Plants have a nursery ground for viewing plants?

We have several growing grounds throughout Southern California, however these are not 'browsing' grounds. We can provide photos of most trees and shrubs for visual approval if requested by our customers.

Do I have to use the on-line payment methods or can I do COD?

We do not accept Cash On Delivery. Our loss prevention policies allow orders to be shipped ONLY after the order is paid in full.

Can I pick up instead of having the plants delivered?

In most cases, there are no services for local pick up. However in special cases, we may be able to arrange will-call service at one of our growing grounds. Please call 877-372-6220 or email info@budgetplants.com to discuss.

What if a plant arrives that I feel is not healthy or does not look up to standards?

With our Send It Back policy, simply do not accept the plant upon delivery. Please make sure the plant stays on the delivery truck and goes back with the driver. Any plant material that stays at the delivery location is considered acceptable and no refund will be issued. Any returned items will be inspected and the customer will be issued a refund. Items that are healthy and up to industry landscape standard at inspection may be subject to a 15% restocking fee, therefore, only 85% of the plant cost (not including delivery) will be refunded. A full refund (not including delivery fees) will be given for plants that arrive in sub-standard condition or unhealthy.

Note that some plants may be sold even if they are out of season. These plants may have lost their leaves (deciduous), turned a fall color, or have been pruned back for winterization. The plants are still healthy and will be sold even if they are in a dormant state.

Where will the delivery person place my order once it is at my location?

If you want your plants to be delivered to a specific location (within our acceptable parameters), we will place the plants in this area. After order has been placed and you are ready to check out, you may specify where you wish the plants to go, for example, "in the driveway" or "curb-side". Please note that delivery persons are not authorized to deliver plants more than 10 (ten) feet from the delivery truck nor travel up any stairs. Our delivery persons reserve the right NOT to carry/deliver plants to any location in which they feel they may be harmed/injured.

Customers are responsible to arrange for any city permits for drop locations of plant material that may infringe on city right-of-ways.

What happens if Budget Plants does not have the plant in stock that I ordered?

Sometime our stock can become quickly depleted over a period of a day or so, thus not allowing enough time for us to update our cataloged items. If you order an item that is not available, you will be contacted to make arrangements for amending your order.

Does Budget Plants offer planting services?

We don't offer planting services in-house, but work with landscapers who can help with your project. Please call 877-372-6220 or email info@budgetplants.com for more info.

Is there any warranty on the plants?

Budget Plants warrants only that the plants will arrive in a healthy, up-to-landscape standard condition. If a plant does not meet your expectations, simply do not accept the plant as per our Send It Back policy. Please click here to view the full policy.

I really would like to see the plant before I buy it. How can I do this?

Often times we can provide a site photo of a tree or plant if desired. Please email info@budgetplants.com for plant photo requests!

Does Budget Plants offer any sort of discounts?

Yes! Occasionally we send out coupon codes and discounts to our newsletter, as well as our Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Follow us and start saving!

Does Budget Plants offer planting or landscaping services?

We do not off these services directly, but can recommend a contractor in your area to help you with planting. Please call 877-372-6220 or email info@budgetplants.com for a referral!

I want to advertise my business with Budget Plants. How do I do this?

Advertising proposals are considered on an individual basis. Please call 877-372-6220 or email info@budgetplants.com to discuss your proposal.