Return Policy

The Budget Plants 'Send it Back' policy allows you to be confident in your purchase.

In the rare case in which a plant may arrive in sub-standard condition, simply 'Send it Back' with the delivery team.  Upon our inspection of the plant, you will receive a full refund if it is found to be in sub-standard condition. Our full policy is detailed below.

Detailed Return Policy

Budget Plants hereinafter called 'Company' shall have the purchaser, hereinafter called 'Client'.

  1. Client may return any plant material upon delivery ONLY as per our 'Send It Back' policy. Client is responsible to make sure the undesired plant stays on the delivery truck and goes back with the driver.  Any plant material that stays at the delivery location is considered acceptable and no refund will be issued for any reason.  Any returned items will be inspected by Company and the Client shall be issued a refund. Items that have been deemed healthy and up to industry landscape standard at inspection may be subject to a 30% restocking fee, therefore, only 70% of the plant cost (not including delivery) will be refunded.  A full refund (not including delivery fees) will be given for plants that arrive in 'sub-standard condition'.  Inspection decisions are at the sole discretion of Company.
  2. Depending on season, plants may arrive in a dormant state (discolored leaves, bare stems/branches, cut back foliage, etc.). This does not constitute a fully refundable item. 


  1. Client may specify where they wish the plants to be placed upon delivery, such as, "in the driveway", or "curb-side".   However, delivery persons are not authorized to deliver plants more than 10 (ten) feet from the delivery truck (or within a safe distance determined by carrier) nor travel up/down any stairs, embankments, etc.  Delivery persons reserve the right NOT to carry/deliver plants to any location in which they feel they may be harmed/injured, or outside of their delivery duties.  It is the responsibility of the Client to arrange for any city permits for drop locations of plant material that may infringe on city right-of-ways.
  2. Company may provide a 3 hour window of delivery, however the window is not guaranteed.  Client or Client representative is urged to be home during delivery day for the ability to inspect plants.  If Client is not home, plants will still be delivered in desired location consistent with Companies standards.  If Client is not home, the Client waives the right to inspect and return any plant material and automatically accepts the entire delivery.
  3. Company not responsible for plant theft of any kind, regardless of quantity.  It is the responsibility of the Client to care for the plants once the plants have been delivered.
  4. Client should water plants thoroughly immediately after delivery.  If planting will not occur on delivery day, a thorough watering every day is encouraged for plant health.  It is not recommend to wait more than 3 to 4 days to plant after delivery.

For questions about our policies, please contact us at or call 877-372-6220.