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Our Lord's Candle

Our Lord's Candle Yucca whipplei


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Data sheet

  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Sun Exposure - Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)
  • Water Needs - Low
  • Bloom Season - Infrequent
  • Mature Height - 4-5'
  • Mature Width - 4-5'

More info

Quite an impressive California native plant with long ridgid blades in a beautiful semytrical rounded form.  Yucca whipplei has bluish-gray foliage and a show-stopping bloom.  A tall flower spike with white fluffy petals will appear once the plant is mature.  Yucca whipplei is great for rocky or sandy soils and tolerates drought extremely well.  The plants itself will get up to about 4-5 feet tall and wide, while the flower spike may reach up to 10-15 feet!  A prolific California native that can be seen on most hiking trails along the San Gabriel mountain ranges.  USDA Zones 6-10.

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