Purple Hopseed Bush

Purple Hopseed Bush

Purple Hopseed Bush Dodonaea Viscosa Purpurea


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Data sheet

  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Sun Exposure - Full Sun/Lite Shade
  • Water Needs - Low/Moderate
  • Bloom Season - Infrequent
  • Mature Height - 11-15'
  • Mature Width - 7-9'

More info

  • Purple Hop Bush (Hopseed Bush) has attractive bronze colored foliage. Can be used as a hedge. Great shrub to screen property lines and unsightly neighboring views. It will grow more columnar and can be trimmed as a hedge if desired, although a more natural pruning is recommended for this shrub.  Dodonaea is very drought tolerant and is suitable for Xeriscape.  USDA Zone: 8-11.
  • 1 gallon sizes come approximately 10-15 inches, 5 gallon sizes come approximately 32-46 inches, 15 gallon sizes come approximately 5-6 feet.  Plant in full sun.  The more sun the Dodonaea receives the more brilliant the copper coloration will be.   


Note:  5 gallon sizes may range from 2.5' to 3.5'.  15 gallon sizes may range from 5-6' (or more) by 18" wide.  These are averages.  Please inquire if you desire a more specific current height spec.  

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