Jack Spratt Flax

Jack Spratt Flax

Jack Spratt Flax Phormium 'Jack Spratt'


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An aweoms little dwarf Flax, the Phormium tenax 'Jack Spratt' make a great foreground accent plant.  Use it along borders or in potted arrangements.  It will only get to about 18 inches tall and wide.  Compliment the medium bronze leaves with lighter green or chartreuse foliage such as Acorus 'Ogon', Helichrysum, Festuca glauca, Stachys, Coreopsis, and other lighter foliage plants. Phormium 'Jack Spratt' prefers moderate water but is fairly drought tolerant once established.  Use it in Woodland, Modern, Mediterranean, or Cottage style landscapes.  It can be planted in sun or shade.  Hardy down to about 20 deg. F.

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