California Bay Tree

California Bay Tree

California Bay Tree Umbellularia californica


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Data sheet

  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Sun Exposure - Sun Or Shade
  • Water Needs - Moderate
  • Bloom Season - Spring/Summer
  • Mature Height - 40-50'
  • Mature Width - 30-35'

More info

The California Bay Tree is a beautiful multi-trunk California native evergreen tree.  The leaves a medium green ovate pointed shape and are used in cooking.  In it's maturity, Umbellularia californica may reach up to 50 + feet, but are typicaly seen between 30-40 feet tall.  They can be kept to around 20 feet if desired which makes a nice smaller accent tree. Small yellowish flowers appear from Winter to Spring with a small pale purple berry to follow.  Umbellularia californica requires little to moderate water and is considered drough tolerant.  The Bay Tree can thrive in both sun or shade, but will have a more dense foliage with more sun.  It's quite versitile in that it can be used as a screening element, a multi-trunk tree, trimmed up to a single trunk shade tree, or a large background shrub on larger estates.  It can also tolerate some clay in the soil.  Plant communities in which Umbellularia californica may be found include Yellow Pine Forest, Chaparral, Central Oak Woodland, and Redwood Forest.  You may have also seen it's close relative, the Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), which is a European native.  Hardy to 10 deg. F.  USDA Zones 7-10.

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