Carolina Cherry Laurel

Carolina Cherry Laurel

Carolina Cherry Laurel Prunus caroliniana


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Data sheet

  • Foliage - Evergreen
  • Sun Exposure - Full Sun/Lite Shade
  • Water Needs - Moderate/Regular
  • Bloom Season - Winter/Spring
  • Mature Height - 25-30'
  • Mature Width - 18-22'

More info

The Carolina Cherry Laurel makes a fantastic privacy hedge.  It has dense evergreen foliage with semi-glossy leaves.  Beautiful creamy white fragrant flowers appear in Spring and Winter.  Prunus caroliniana will grow up to about 25' tall by 15-20' wide.  Not only does this tree make a great hedge, but it can also be used as a smaller shade tree.   It can take full sun or part shade, but will grow less dense in shade.  This plant prefers moist soils, but is also somewhat drought tolerant.  It's also fairly seacoast tolerant, and can take a variety of soil conditions.  Native to Southeastern United States.  USDA Zones: 7-10.  

Note:  5 gallon sizes may range from 3' to 4'.  15 gallon sizes may range from 5-6' by 14" wide.  These are averages.  Please inquire if you desire a more specific current height spec.  

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