California Pepper Tree

Schinus molle

California Pepper Tree  - Schinus molle

California Pepper Tree

Schinus molle

Schinus molle is a picturesque weeping evergreen tree.  It's called the California Pepper Tree because it's so prevelant in Southern California, but is actually native to South America.  The Pepper Tree has small fragrant flowers in Summer followed by it's showy red pepper berries.  It became so popular for use in So Cal for it's ability to withstand many unfavorable conditions, such as poor soil, wind, and drought.  Once established it's extremely drought tolerant.  Give this tree the space it needs as it will grow to about 40 feet tall and wide.  It's also deer tolerant as an added bonus.  Note that this tree is considered somewhat messy, so make sure this is planted in an area where this will not be a major issue.  Hardy to about 15 deg. F.  

Foliage: Evergreen

Sun Exposure: Full Sun (6+ Hours Of Direct Sunlight)

Water Needs: Low

Bloom Season: Summer

Mature Height: 35-40'

Mature Width: 35-40'

Attributes: Drought Tolerant, Xeriscape, Deer Resistant, Southwestern Garden, Mediterranean & Tuscan Garden, Seacoast Tolerant

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